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Galton-Fenzi Memorial

I find it rather strange that I possess the only photographs of the Galton-Fenzi Memorial that search engines link to on the internet. I’m left wondering why that is, and why there is nothing to describe the various markings on the memorial. I have heard that the Memorial is now surrounded by a cage. Such a shame.

Shortly after these two images appeared on this web site, I was approached by email by a self-described Galton-Fenzi family member. He asked if I would provide unmarked copies of these images. I was happy to do so. Once the images were sent, I never so much as received an acknowledgment of their receipt or a thank-you email in response. With a sense of entitlement such as that, it’s no surprise that the Monument has been unrecognized for such a long time. It deserves to be, since the completely useless pile of rocks wastes much more valuable real estate in Nairobi.

Noblesse oblige, indeed.

The Galton-Fenzi Memorial, commemorating the man who pioneered automobile routes across Kenya and Africa. Fenzi founded the Royal East Africa Automobile Association in 1919. In the background, above the globe, is the bell tower of the Holy Family Cathedral Basilica.